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Personnel Introduction – Ernie Lloyd Ernie has over 50 years experience within the industry and is well respected among his piers.considerable investment to deliver these objectives

Ernie commenced his career for Cooperheat under the existing owner. Ernie’s skills soon saw him as the person to go to when opening new offices. In the early 70s Ernie and family was sent to the USA to assist in opening up in New Jersey which was soon followed up in the late 70’s by being sent to Sydney to start up Cooperheat in Australia, a location Ernie has remained ever since. Ernie was sent to Singapore in the early 80’s where he spent 9 years growing the Singapore branch for Cooperheat and later a Branch in Malaysia for Thermotest. Upon Ernie’s return to Australia he started his business (Lloyd’s Heat Treatment) before being purchased by Stork in 2006.

This is a major partnership for Heat Tech as Ernie’s knowledge and global working experience will bring so much experience and mentoring for the younger generation and well as grow Heat Tech’s knowledge of not just Refractory Dry Outs but Heat Treatment in general.

Heat Tech Australia is a privately owned Australian company. Heat Tech Australia Pty Ltd was established in 1995 with the aim to increase the Heat Treatment and associated engineering service levels to the construction, petrochemical manufacturing and power generation sectors of industry.The provision of increased service levels has seen us develop into a progressive and reliable engineering service company throughout the Asia pacific region. The development of Heat Tech Australia Pty Ltd through our state Heat Treatment divisions, and more recently the acquisition of Queensland division Thermal Hire Australia Pty Ltd, has earned us the reputation as a professional and dedicated service partner and provider.

Our company philosophy and technical service levels have been achieved by combining senior management with many years of heat treatment experience. This experience gained throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region has been brought together at Heat Tech Australia.

We have a strong Oil and Gas, Refinery, Mining and Power Generation based business, as a specialist supplier of heat treatment equipment and technical expertise. Heat Tech also has an on- site leak sealing division that is responsible for the provision of all live line leak sealing. To this extent we incorporate our resources to ensure the highest possible level of quality engineering service. As one of the leading independent companies in the Heat Treatment industry, Heat Tech focus on reliable service, quality equipment, and an effective team of trade qualified and trained service technicians. Its Heat Tech’s service level and philosophy that sets us apart! Heat Tech is a solution driven business supporting companies both internationally and nationally including remote areas.

Heat Tech Australia is a code compliant company, complying with AS/NZS, American and British standards from stringently specified procedures, codes and recommendations.

Should you require further information or have any questions, please contact Heat Tech at the Branch nearest to you.

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