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    Examples of some of our heat treatment equipment

    Heat Tech generators

    High Velocity Combustion Unit

    High velocity combustion units can be used for refractory dryouts and curing, together with temporary furnace and post weld heat treatment of large fabrications such as vessels. Having an exceptional turn down characteristic, it can provide high volume, low temperature conditions that are essential at the beginning of an operational cycle.

    Induction Heating

    ProHeat 35 Induction Heat System is a simple and cost-effective process that can be applied in the following applications to deliver fast and consistent heat: Welding fabrication and construction; Preheating of weld joints, Post-weld heat treatment, Hydrogen bakeout, Coating removal and Shrink Fit. Applications that would typically require hours to heat can be done in minutes.


    Trailered generators are ideal for any job. It helps cut out the expense of an electrician, helps save time on the job, and being on the trailer the technician can bring the generator to and from the job (without the use of cranes).They have 1 x 63 amp, 2 x 50 amp, 2 x 32 amp and 2 x 15 amp outlets.

    6 Way Mains Voltage Control Unit

    Mains voltage control units are used on larger jobs where use of low voltage power sources and low voltage elements are uneconomical, such as post weld heat treatment of closing seams on pressure vessels and powering temporary furnace installations.

    Heat Tech induction heating
    Heat Tech low voltage generator

    Diesel and Gas Package Burner

    Package burners come in many different sizes and are ideal for small to medium furnaces, ovens and for stress relief of odd shape jobs where heating elements are not conceived as achievable.

    6 Way Low Voltage Control Unit

    Low voltage control units are ideal for pre heating and post weld heat treatment of pipe work and vessels on refineries, construction sites and in workshops.

    We have wide range of temporary and permanent furnaces. Our temporary furnaces can be transported to site or we can design and construct furnace to suit any application.