Key Projects

Some of our teams most notable projects are listed below

Heat Tech metalurgia

Ichthys LNG Project- Various contractors:

Ichthys LNG Project- Various contractors:

The work involved the heat treatment of over 15,000 welds for the construction of the CCPP (Combined Cycle Power Plant) This was one of Australia’s largest scopes of work for on site Pre- heat and Post Weld Heat Treatment, and at peak stages of the contract it required manning levels that exceeded 50 heat treatment technicians.

Heat tech’s latest innovation that was implemented on the contract was a remote monitoring system, which proved to be beneficial for inclement weather work efficiency, and in turn providing a valued commercial benefit, which had the impact of saving the Project Millions of dollars in downtime.

Various Refractory Dry outs were also successfully carried out which included the total dry out of Incinerator units 100 and 200 respectively. This was carried out by utilisation of LPG high velocity burners, which were positioned and fired through strategic outlets to provided optimum temperature uniformity throughout the incinerator and ducting units.

Read more on remote monitoring savings here


Tianqi Lithium Project

Contractor – Civmec WA

Tianqi Lithium is constructing a lithium hydroxide plant in the Kwinana Industrial Area, south of Perth in Western Australia, to meet rapidly growing demand for rechargeable batteries driven primarily by the electric vehicle and energy storage system industries.

Heat Tech conducted the successful refractory dry-out operations on duct work and associated furnaces off site, and an in-situ dry out was carried out on the 65metre kiln.

This dry out project was the first in Australia dry that involved thermocouples which were attached to the refractory surface at various locations along its length, with the thermocouples connected transmitters attached to the kiln outside shell using high temperature magnets. Wireless receivers were then located near the control room and connected to a digital temperature recorder which then received and monitored the thermocouples temperatures with the kiln.

Kipper Tuna Turrum gas project, ExxonMobil Australia

Heat tech provided various pre heat and post weld heat treatment services for one of the largest domestic gas developments on the eastern seaboard.

Yolla gas project, Downer EDI Limited

The Yolla gas field is a natural gas field in Bass Strait, 147 km off the south coast of Victoria. Heat tech provided all pre heat and post weld heat treatment services for Yolla offshore platform project.

Devil creek gas plant , Apache Corporation

The Devil Creek Gas Plant located in Western Australia’s northwest is the State’s third domestic natural gas processing hub and the first new plant built in Western Australia in almost 20 years. Heat tech carried post weld heat treatment of various size spools.

Macedon gas plant , Downer EDI Limited

Macedon gas plant is located 100km west of Onslow, Western Australia. Heat tech performed post weld heat treatment of various size spools.

Australia Pacific LNG Wandoan phase 1

Wandoan is located 400km NW of Brisbane, Queensland. Heat tech performed pre heating and post weld heat treatment of various spools at Australia Pacific LNG plant.

Queensland Curtis LNG upstream project

Pre heating and post weld heat treatment of various size spools for construction of Central Processing Plant and Field Compression Stations

BMA Mine dragline shut downs

Post weld heat treatment of boom chord and clusters on various draglines for BMA.

Mackay sugar mill power station upgrade

Post weld heat treatment of 500mm spool welds.

Tallinga gas plant

Pre heating and post weld heat treatment of various size spools for construction of gas plant.

Heat Tech construction

We have wide range of temporary and permanent furnaces. Our temporary furnaces can be transported to site or we can design and construct furnace to suit any application.